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Athlete’s Council

As you may know, the by-laws of Swimming Canada (SNC) require the formation of an Athlete’s Council. The primary responsibility of the Council is to “liaise with the Board on policies and issues of concern to high performance athletes.” (SNC ByLaws Section 9.05)

Under the terms of reference adopted by the SNC Board of Directors (the Board) the Council shall be comprised of :

1. one (non-voting) SNC staff member appointed by the CEO; and
2. a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 current or recently retired (within the last 2 years) national team members including at least:

  • a) 1 male,
  • b) 1 female
  • c) 1 able-bodied swimmer; and
  • d) 1 swimmer with a disability.

Council members will represent the interests of swimmers throughout the nation and consult with the CEO and the Board on issues related t

  • a) the national team;
  • b) athlete development;
  • c) athlete support and carding;
  • d) events (e.g. National competitions and Trials); and
  • e) other initiatives relating to the national team.

The Council will elect a Chair, and Council members will participate on designated committees of SNC as well as the SNC Annual General Meeting (AGM - October 2006 in Vancouver). Council membership is open to any current or recently retired (within the last 2 years) member of the national team.

If you are interested, please forward to me via email your expression of interest (see sample on next page), accompanied by a brief (maximum one page) description of your qualifications and reasons you would be a valuable Council member. These “profiles” will be made available to eligible national team members and voting will be conducted by email. All expressions of interest should be received by me no later than Feb. 28th, 2006. Voting will conclude March 31, 2006. The new Council should hold it’s first meeting shortly there after.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Ruth Rosano at : ruth.rosano@swimming.ca or 613-260-1348 ext: 2000

(Sample of Expression of Interest format below)

Expression of Interest

Swimming/Natation Athlete’s Council 2006



Contact: (email and phone number)

Position: (current team member or retired – indicated date of retirement)

Brief description of qualifications:

Why I would be a valued member of the Swimming/Natation Canada Athlete’s Council: